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What you will read is an experiment. It’s our daily commitment to put onto pages our conversations with God and include one another. We became accountability partners in our evidential journals. Evidence that we live authentically, even if only behind closed doors some days. And evidence of our truths on the pages, in the tongue, that is normally reserved for God. Some days, shaking, we followed His will.  We were accountable to one another to write and read daily, judgment free.

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How It Began

The journey to N9NE started when Bry interviewed Crystal for a magazine she was working for at the time. Crystal is an Actress, Writer & Producer. Bry is a Life Coach, Writer, and Artist. One can only imagine how three hours later, the interview evolved into a conversation and that conversation was the start of a friendship. They were two women who had moved cross-country to expand their careers and their lives.  They moved to Los Angeles with dreams, gifts, hope, and faith. They share many commonalities but the one that kept emerging was their courage to leap!

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“Each day being new, a feeling of excitement leaps before you. Oh, they are so courageous!”

– Loretta Divine, Actress



“This book centered me and gave me peace…it challenged me to find my own inner-peace.”

– Rashante Lee-Seaborn, Wardrobe Specialist


Beautiful Reminder

“Beautiful reminder to be open to what God and the universe has for you.”

– Melissa Potter, Patient Engagement and Outreach



"Another 4 star review! I recommend this great read and look forward to more stories by this author."

-Amy's Bookshelf Reviews