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Day 75 (Crys): Goodbye doubt! Goodbye fear! Goodbye worry!

“I want to praise both of you for calling each other into your lives” Unc’s words after telling him about our journey together to N9NE. Many words come to mind, as I replay the conversation over dinner tonight. Expansive, reassuring, liberating, confident, freeing, resourceful, necessary, positive, grateful and alive!  It was one of those nights where one is blessed to sit in the company of an artist who has lived a few more years. Seen a few more things. Experienced a few more lessons. To sit in the company of wisdom and simply listen. To undo in three hours, what the world attempts to shake daily; faith.

Will I make it as an actress and writer?  I already have!  Doing at least one thing every day towards my goals, the Universe will match my efforts.
Good-bye doubt!

Am I good enough as I am, for the playground I want to play on?  Of course, I am!  God made me!  I am gifted and skilled in what I do and wonderfully alive in who I am. I am necessary, worthy and bright. Now I shine brighter! Good-bye fear!

Will I ever get to where I want to be in life?  I am already here!  I consciously create my reality! Good-bye worry!

Tonight was a reminder to remain open to the resources around me. To enjoy every life experience. To shine bright. Never apologize for who I am and ask no one to apologize for their self.  Every experience I have is a reaction to a choice I’ve made. If God’s gift to me is life, then my gift to self is experience. What life experience from this moment on will I give to myself?

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